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Our Story

ADR is founded by Peter Elezaj, a University of Michigan alumni, former Michigan Wolverine Rose Bowl Champion football player, and professional athlete. He learned early on under the direction of the legendary Bo Schembechler, if you are going to pursue something, you do it with your all. Demand excellence, and settle for nothing less. With that in mind, Peter had one goal; helping people out of catastrophic situations through the most advanced solutions in the industry. Striving for excellence for his customers and obsessed with finding a better way, Mr. Elezaj spends a tremendous amount of time making sure the ADR team has all the necessary tools to provide services that are second to none.

Our team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to quickly respond to any and all emergencies regardless of the cause or extent of the emergency. One call will mobilize our knowledgeable response teams who will stabilize and minimize damage.

Helping people in emergency situations by restoring their property damage is our passion. We strive to be your partner for reliable and cost effective solutions when disaster hits. Emergencies and disasters are often a source of stress and frustration. With our team you receive more than a restoration company; we will be your partner through a difficult time.

Our licensed builders and technicians will ensure that from the moment you call us, until the moment you are back in your home or business, you will receive the highest quality of work. We value your time and make every possible effort to restore your property in a quality manner to eliminate the unnecessary follow-up.

We are happy to provide any help that we can so please feel free and reach out to us anytime.

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Always Available

At ADR, we understand how stressful severe property damage is. Whatever the problem, our team is ready to respond to any call 24/7 to assess, advise, and provide high quality services when you need it most.

Professional, Qualified Technicians

Our highly capable specialists prioritize professionalism and respect and work with unrivaled attention to detail in order to maximize the quality of your newly restored property and ensure long-lasting solutions.

Dependable Services, Great Prices

We ensure transparency throughout all aspects of the operations. When you call ADR, you can be 100% sure that we provide fairly priced solutions, right on time.

Commitement to excellence

Our top priority is your satisfaction. When it comes to our customers’ expectations, the ADR team is committed to going the extra mile to give you great results.



Innovation is the foundation of our company’s development. Through in-depth analyses of successful management data, at ADR, we strive to set new standards in restoration and construction. Our technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We have technicians certified in WRT, ASD, CPT, AMRT, FSRT, and more.






Quality Comes First

At ADR, we put quality first. In order to guarantee the best services you can get, we use the cutting-edge construction quality management system Xcelerate and Xactimate to ensure the highest standards at all of our restoration sites. Xcelerate and Xactimate’s integrated control mechanism includes over 100 quality assessment benchmarks and allows us to monitor work throughout all stages of construction, reducing project costs and risks and enhancing your final product.

Awesome Features

Why Choose Us

ADR was created by Peter Elezaj with the goal of providing the highest quality, long lasting property restoration in a timely manner. Since its foundation, ADR has shown great turnover rates annually and steady growth in staff numbers and projects. When choosing ADR in the event of an emergency, no matter what the issue or when you call, our responders will ensure that you get excellent services and nothing less, offering insurance for all liabilities, including third-party liabilities.
We are more than just a property restoration company - we are dedicated to making a difference curated specifically for you and your needs in times of crisis. Our mission is to connect with you personally to understand how our team can go above and beyond industry standards and set the bar above normal expectations. We believe in encouraging compassion and enriching the lives of our clients, driving the ADR team to deliver the best services possible when you need them.
Our restoration specialists understand that property damage is difficult and emotionally taxing. This is why our company’s goals are curated specifically to get your life back to normal as reliably and as quickly as possible. At ADR, we aspire to expand our company’s reach and make every effort to help as many people as possible during emergencies.